Stain Resistant Basket Pattern (Set of 3)

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  • STAIN RESISTANT – The unique, basket weave print exterior is laminated to prevent dirt and grime from staining the bag. A single sponge wipe is all that is needed to keep these bags looking new.
  • TOUGH, STURDY AND CONVENIENT - With the fold out reinforced bottom, these heavy duty grocery bags are spillover proof. They stand up straight in your cart, the checkout or your trunk. Loading and unloading is a breeze and they fold flat for easy storage.
  • HOLDS A TON OF ITEMS – At 14.5"L x 10"W x 10.5"H one of these reusable bags can hold as many items as 6 plastic grocery bags, 4 paper bags or 3 traditional reusable bags. Yet a set of 3 easily fits into a shopping cart or the trunk of your car.
  • PERFECT FOR SHOPPING IN BULK – With their short side grips and ability to hold up to 50 pounds, more than any collapsible shopping bag on the market, these heavy duty bags are perfect for shopping at Costco or other warehouse stores.
  • SELF EXPLANATORY OPERATION – Clear and simple instructional illustration is displayed on folding flap to ensure the checkout clerk uses reinforced bottom.