Speak Up or Shut Up?

During the 1990 Senate race in his home state of North Carolina, Michael Jordan refused to endorse Democrat Harvey Gantt, an African American who was running against the incumbent Republican Jesse Helms, a notorious racist. Jordan, who at the time had already won the first of his five NBA MVP awards, explained away his refusal to take a stance by saying “Republicans buy sneakers, too.”


Obviously, Green Bulldog Bags is not Brand Jordan. But, we have recently discussed whether or not we should comment on political or cultural issues on behalf of our brand. What do you think? Is it the place of a brand to evoke commentary or does it just create more division and start to politicize something that does not really need politicizing right now. Or, because we are a reusable grocery bag company, are we already politicized by default?


We believe that our bags are actually more convenient and efficient than any other options, including standard plastic bags so there is a lot more than just the eco-friendly benefit. What are your thoughts? Do you appreciate brands take positions on issue? What if a brand you liked was on the other side of an issue you care about? Would that impact your purchase behavior? Let us know what you think.  

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